Why Shawls and Scarves?

This summer I knit the Westport shawl from Knitscene magazine (Summer/June 2012). I chose Socks That Rock by Blue Moon in Nodding Violet instead of the suggested yarn. For the longest time, I avoided lace patterns with rows beginning with a yarn over (yo). I used to think that there was an error in the pattern, until I figured out how to make a yo at the beginning of a row. The following describes how to do this.

When the first stitch is a knit, bring the yarn over top the right needle, instead of underneath when knitting; then knit the first stitch.

When the first stitch is a purl, bring the yarn over top the right needle but bring the yarn a full revolution around the needle so it is in front, ready to purl the first stitch.

I also began thinking about my massive wardrobe of scarves and shawls. Why do I have so many? I find these accessories to be versatile and multi-seasonal, and I feel naked if I don’t have one around my neck. They can be practical and decorative. I like that a small amount of  yarn is required, so you can splurge on a luxurious fibre. A shawl or scarf adds a touch of colour and always elicits a comment. Why have too much of anything; because I simply enjoy making and wearing them.




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